If driving in on I-20 one mile before the Edom exit is a State Rest Area, do yourself a favor and make a stop there to avoid the long lines at the Restrooms on the weekends.
We have Honey from the blueberry flower. Raw & Unpasteurized.

We accept VISA, DISCOVER, MASTER CHARGE, Cash, and Debit.

No Pets Please!

Clean Restrooms!

Picnic Tables!

Air Conditioned Store!












We have Picking Buckets

We Bag your berries in a Freezer bag.

Bring a Cooler for transport of your berries.

Bring a smile! we need it!

Our Preserves can be purchased year round  by going to our SHOP Online Store above

We have three farms, Our farm here in Edom, TX is open to the public. Bring your children, friends, or grandchildren to pick fresh blueberries.
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Hours of Operation are 7:00 am through 5:00 pm 
everyday, including the fourth of July.
 U-Pick looks good! 
Picking Scale: [reflects quantity available]
(Scale is 1-10 with 10 being excellent picking)

Scale: 1 to 4 not very many to pick, 5-6 OK picking, 7-fair picking, 8 good picking, 9 real good picking, 10 excellent picking lots ripe berries! Put Grandma in the car and "come and get'em"

Updated 6/23 Saturday
U-Pick Blueberries: scale 08
Yes, we have PICKED blueberries  in the
 Store for sale.
Gallons $ 25.00
Pints $ 3.50  each
Flats $ 36.00 (box of 12 pints)

These are hand picked blueberries!
   U-Pick Blackberries:
scale 0
Yes! PICKED blackberries in the
 Store for sale, also cleaned and frozen blackberries for sale.

Blueberry Hill Farms "Country Store & Bakery"
Blueberry Hill Farms   

Our U-Pick farm is open every summer during Harvest of our Blueberries and Blackberries.
We open late May through July 31st each summer. 
Ripe berries usually start happening end of May through July.

The Blueberry Farmhouse 
listed on AirBNB.com 'come stay on the farm' located at our Ben Wheeler Orchard.
Booking Now! 
go to www.AirBNB.com to see details and available dates! Stay at The "Blueberry Farmhouse"
 Ben Wheeler TX 64 at our other Orchard, 8 miles from Edom, TX.

Blueberry Harvest happens in 

June and July each summer.

 Welcome to Blueberry Hill Farms, located in Edom, Texas, 

since 1982 the farm has been open to the public for U-Pick Blueberries. 

In 2003 we added blackberries to the mix and our guest have loved having both berries available. Also, in 2003 we added a Country Store and Bakery.

 We have Blueberry Preserves plus other fruit preserves, such as Fig, Peach, Apricot, Cherry, blackberry, etc.. in our BAKERY we have our famous Blueberries'n Cream Pies, Blueberry muffins, Blueberry Frozen yogurt, and Blueberry Lemonade. 

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Above is our feature on TEXAS COUNTRY REPORTER
30 years in business
Visit Servcom dallas business telphone, Our other business which gave us the opportunity to have a farm.

Blueberry Farmhouse

Ben Wheeler, TX, United States
The house is on a Blueberry farm, it is off the road for privacy. It is a farmhouse. It is quaint and comfortable. Only fifteen miles from the Canton Tx. First Monday Trade Days. Eight mikes away i...