No appointments necessary.


Pay only for what you Pick!

No Admittance fee!

We accept VISA, DISCOVER, MASTER CHARGE, Cash, and Debit.

No Pets Please!

Clean Restrooms!

Picnic Tables!

Air Conditioned Store!












We have Picking Buckets

We Bag your berries in a Freezer bag.

Bring a Cooler for transport of your berries.

Bring a smile! we need it!

Our Preserves can be purchased year round  by going to our SHOP Online Store above

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Blueberry Hill Farms, Inc. established 1982

Welcome to the Farm!
U-Pick & Already Picked
Blueberries & Blackberries

Country Store & Bakery
 Saturday May 28th
HOURS 7:00 am till 5:00 pm
Open everyday from
5/28 thru 7/31, including Father's Day and the Fourth of July

 The weekend forecast is sunny and mid 80's (nice).

Open June & July
each summer

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We are OPEN everyday rain or shine, we are in deep sand and our field is never muddy!
Opening Memorial Day weekend!
We are Opening for the season starting Saturday 5/28 for the Memorial Day Weekend. We will  be OPEN everyday from this point through July 31st.
Berries ripening well, always check the website before coming over for the latest updates. Both blueberries and blackberries will be ripe for opening. Our hours are 7:00 am till 5:00 pm No reservations needed! 
Picking  Scale: 5/28/2016
Blueberries (1-10)..........................................       [  8  ]
Blackberries(1-10).........................................       [  5  ]
Scale is about the quantity ready to be picked. With 10 being the best quantity available.
Building your trust through actual and reliable information.
Blueberries : 

U-Pick 'em $ 2.85 lb. 
"lots to pick for Saturday morning:"
(Sold by weight)
Using our 1/2 Peck wooden basket, which holds 6-7 lbs. of berries
 you pay $ 17.00-19.95 a basket. [approx.9 pints]

We-Picked 'em  :
"limited amount due to rain last two days"
 One gallon / 8 pints of blueberries  $ 22.00 Fresh                            One "Flat" / Box of 12 pints  $ 33.00
 One Box / 5 lb. Box $ 20.00
 One Gallon $ 20.00 Frozen (when available)

Our Blueberries are "hand picked" and "Inspected" for quality each and everyday.


U-Pick 'em $ 3.00 lb. 
(Sold by weight)
Using our Plastic Pails, which holds 6-8 lbs. of berries, you pay $18.00 -24.00 a pail.

We-Picked 'em :
One "Flat" / Box of 12 pints $ 33.00 Fresh

Our Blackberries are "hand picked" and "Inspected" for quality each and everyday.

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Blueberry Harvest happens in 

June and July each summer.

 Welcome to Blueberry Hill Farms, located in Edom, Texas, since 1982 the farm has been open to the public for U-Pick Blueberries. in 2003 we added blackberries to the mix and our guest have loved having both berries available.

Also, in 2003 we added a Country Store and Bakery. We have Blueberry Preserves plus other fruit preserves, such as Fig, Peach, Apricot, Cherry, blackberry, etc.. in our BAKERY we have our famous Blueberries'n Cream Pies, Blueberry muffins, Blueberry Frozen yogurt, and Blueberry Lemonade.

Above is our feature on TEXAS COUNTRY REPORTER
30 years in business
Visit Servcom dallas business telphone, Our other business which gave us the opportunity to have a farm.